1921 – 1930 Some snippets

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

1922: The Onewhero Juniors won the Franklin Junior Medal Round. These players were also to be given prize money, but it was ruled those who had not paid their subscriptions and jersey money would not be eligible. In future only financial players would be considered for team selection.

The following year some of these Juniors refused to play for the seniors when asked. They wished to stay together as a team. However, after lengthy discussions the boys agreed to abide by the Selector's decision.

Trucks were now being used to transport players to “away” games. Some players (e.g. those who lived at Port Waikato or Waikaretu) would have to take three days (or nights) for one rugby game – one to travel to Onewhero, the second to travel to play the game and the third to travel home again. The trucks (or lorries owned by Patullo Bros) did not provide today's comfort – they were simply open, flat decks with planks of timber sitting on benzine (petrol) boxes. In those days benzine (petrol) came in four gallon tins, two to a wooden case. The trucks also had solid, smooth rubber tyres. They would often slither and slide off into the blackberries. The players would have to push it back onto the road.

The Club used to organise sprinting races – goalpost to goalpost – in full riding gear of riding boots, riding breeches and leather leggings. The Club Secretary, the man who was the driving force behind the forming of the club, Mr Barry Floyd, would clearly win these races, but no matter how hard everyone tried they could not get him to play the game. Again this length-of-the-field sprint was a club fixture for many years.

1924: The Onewhero Senior team won the Franklin Rugby Union Championship.

1925: Imperial Shield Game - Final Score Tuakau 6, Onewhero 5. the Onewhero team: J. Cathcart, S. Revell, H. Murray(Captain), S. Cronin, L. Cathcart, J. Hira, J. Cole-Baker, E. Cameron, T. Tawha, P. Riwha, T. Pellow, L. Cathcart, T. Ewe, R. Hira, J. Cronin.

1929: The current bowstring bridge, the first of its type to be built in New Zealand, replaced the old wooden bridge over the Waikato river.


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