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A meeting was held in the Onewhero Hall 17 April 1920.

27 gentlemen were present at that meeting of which 14 or 15 were potential players including Bob Glasgow, Alf Crawford, E. Cameron, G. Doidge, Bert Clarke, Roa Hira, Toko Hira, Johnny Dromgool (the captain for the first four years), Toro Ewe, Moses Taua, Lofty Cathcart, M. McDougal, Johnny Hira, Arnold Logan.

The elected President and the seven members of the Management Committee were all players.

Older men were Vice Presidents - “father figures” to offer support and guidance.

The Annual Subscription was five shillings for players and members alike. Five guineas was subscribed at that first meeting.

It seems to have taken a few years to confirm the club colours. The initial colours proposed were gold and black. This was not possible because Bombay already had those colours. The second choice was light blue with a white collar – third choice red, white and blue. Then at the AGM of 1921 the meeting discussed that if possible the colours of red and black be retained otherwise the delegates were to see what other colours were available. There is no further mention of colours until 1935 when the club colours are confirmed as royal blue and black.

The playing field was a cow paddock alongside the Onewhero hall. The land was owned by Mr Henry Cathcart. The Hall was used as changing rooms for the teams, and also where the aftermatch tea and biscuits were served. The water was heated outside in kerosene tins placed on iron bars over an open fire.

A playing jersey cost three shillings and sixpence and most players purchased their own. This was a drawback sometimes because whilst they played in them they also used them as work shirts.

All games were to be played on a home and away basis, except for Clevedon. This was because of the distance to be travelled. The Franklin Union allowed all “away” games to be played at Papakura and all “home” games to be played at Tuakau.

Even back then fundraising was a major factor. At that very first meeting, the Secretary was asked to book the Onewhero Hall for Euchre (a card game) and Dance entertainment. These were to be held for four nights being Wednesdays before the full moon. The first Euchre and Dance night took place on Wednesday 5thMay 1920. Again horse was the mode of transport and the moonlight was needed to show the way home.

A Married v Single game was organised to open the new season. This continued as a club tradition for many years.

All notices pertaining to the Rugby Club were displayed on the noticeboard of the Onewhero Store.

All clubs were governed by a boundary system. Players could only play for the club whose boundaries they resided in.


“Presented to W. PARSONS by Onewhero Junior Team – BEST PLAYER GOAL KICKING – SEASON 1920. R. KAPUA – CAPTAIN” Mr BarryFloyd, the Secretary and local Schoolmaster, initiated the presentation of these medals. When he left the district five years later the practice was discontinued.



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