Cancer Fundraiser 2018

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

The Onewhero Club joined forces with the Pukekohe Club to host a fundraising day with all proceeds to the Cancer Foundation.

The money was raised from the auctioning of special jerseys that the teams played in that day. The two clubs between them raised over $23,000.

One great story to come out of that day was of Romero Tagi, the Onewhero hooker. Romero was walking around the clubrooms that evening with a smile a mile wide clutching a jersey very lovingly. He told me the story: he had really, really wanted to buy a jersey so had sat with his parents at home that morning discussing his options. Funds were limited and the plan was to bid only as high as $400. But, the bidding started at $400, so, with heart in mouth, Romero joined the bidding and went to $600. He knew at that point that it was all over. He pulled out.

Huge thanks to Chris Nicholson for his wonderful heart. Chris bought the jersey and then presented it to Romero. I believe there were other similar stories that night but I do not know the details.